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by Tradesman on June 29, 2012

For any tradesman who has considered listing their business in an online trade directory, you will know that there are dozens of them out there!

Not only are there dozens of different trade directories out there, but they also vary greatly in terms of their popularity and usefulness.

Is tradesman directory advertising worthwhile for your business?  And if so, which one should you use?

Types of Trade Directories

There are two main types of directories out there for tradesmen.

The first type is the basic directory which simply allows you to list your business name and contact details.  These directories also allow you to provide some pictures and text about your business.

The second type of directory is more of a matching service.  There are a few different variants, but basically these websites work by allowing a customer to enter their job requirements, which will then be sent to various tradies to quote on.

Common Directories

As stated earlier there are dozens of tradesman directories out there, and below we have listed a selection of these websites:


Comments Cost

Allows potential customers to enter their job requirements, which are then SMS’ed to tradies registered with the website.

$19.95 per month

Basic directly, but appears to have plenty of business listed.

$138 per year

Plenty of listings, but not very user friendly.


Not too many listings on this one.

$99 per year

Very few listings.


Nice looking site with plenty of listings.  Also features a job board.

$95 per year

Another nice looking site with plenty of listings.

From $440 per year

Appears to be have very few listings.


This site allows tradies to bid on jobs posted by potential clients.  It also features a good directory.


Basic directory without too many listings.

Free Allows potential customers to enter their job requirements, which are then SMS’ed to tradies registered with the website.

From $350 per year

A directory that lists trade businesses but no contact details.  Potential customers must complete an online lead form.

From $5 per lead


This is just a small sample of the tradesmen directories out there.  To find more you can simply go to Google and search for ‘tradesman directory’ or similar, which will bring up plenty more options.

Choosing a Trade Directory

It’s hard to say which is the more effective directory for a tradesman.  Should you go with a basic directory listing, or should you register with one of the sites which deliver you leads?

As you can see the pricing does vary greatly between each of the directories.  Our advice is to give a few of them a try and see which one works for you.  As for the free directories, it can’t hurt to spend five minutes listing your business for free, can it?

If you have any feedback on tradesman directories or websites which have worked for your business we’d love to hear about them.  Simply use the comment box below to share your experiences.

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Peter D August 28, 2012 at 7:43 am

I’ve listed on a few of these directory websites and they’re a complete waste of time. I’ll stick with the Yellow Pages which has served me well over the years as well as good old word of mouth.

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