Welcome to the Tradesman Network at

Tradesmen, or as well call them here in Australia, tradies, are the backbone of the country.

Without tradies nothing would get built, repaired or renovated.

The New Tradesman Website

Our new website is currently under development, and over the coming weeks and months we will be adding loads of extra information that will benefit you as a tradesman.

We are planning on adding tool and equipment reviews, job listings, ute reviews, forums and insurance tips.

Everything that a tradesman needs to know, we plan on covering.

A Destination for Every Tradesman

It does matter what your trade is. ¬†If you’re a tradesman then you’re welcome around here.

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, boilermakers, plasterers, bricklayers, mechanics, roofers, cabinetmakers, tilers, landscapers, labourers, scaffolders, builders, handymen, panel beaters, refrigeration mechanics,¬†carpet layers, gardeners, riggers, joiners…

And the list goes on!

Proudly Australian is proudly Australian and will cater to the Australian tradesman.

For more information please stay tuned as we add more information and features to the site.

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